Capabilities – Remote Logistics

As an Alaskan company, Chiulista Services, Inc. provides remote logistics support services with a unique understanding of the challenges associated with remote logistics.

Chiulista Services, Inc. remote logistics support capabilities include:

  • Maintenance: Construction, warehousing, power generation, and ground maintenance.
  • Catering: Professional staff provides full on-site catering services.
  • Personnel: Heavy equipment operators, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, geologists, drillers, core handling and cutting, laboratory professionals, administrators, cooks, housekeeping staff, paramedic and EMTs.
  • Administrative Support: Human resources, purchasing, data entry, and other administrative office support.
  • Long-Term Custodial Management: Janitorial and housekeeping services for the National Park Service's seasonal employees.
  • On-Call Short-Term Custodial Services: Janitorial and housekeeping services for year-round short-term visitors.

Donlin Creek Project Highlight

The Donlin Creek project is located approximately 240 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. It is an advanced resources exploration project operated by Donlin Creek LLC.

  • CSI is responsible for facilities' support operations
  • Ongoing performance since 1996

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Donlin Creek Project Donlin Creek Project Donlin Creek Project