Josh Herren

Mr. Joshua Herren, MBA, CVA, CMAP

CEO/President, Chiulista Services, Inc.

Mr. Herren has provided executive leadership in government services sectors since 2008. Mr. Herren's duties include strategic planning, competitive positioning, 8(a) tracking and planning, SWOT analysis, follow-on and win strategies development, oversight of business development teams in Anchorage and Huntsville, lead mergers/acquisitions, and plan for divesting strategies as needed for CSI. Mr. Herren served in the United States AirForce from 1999 to 2008, as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator/ Team Leader.

Mr. Richard Carr

Vice President, Chiulista Services, Inc.

Mr. Carr became the Gila Bend Air Auxiliary Field Program Manager for Yulista Management Services in 2004. Mr. Carr has implemented operations, budgeting, security, and quality control for an over $11 million US Air Force facility contract. He brings 20 years of relevant experience in base operations and facility management. Mr. Carr has been responsible for improving the quality of customer service, contract compliance, as well as participating in union negotiations and grievance proceedings. In 2009, Mr. Carr was promoted to the CSI Vice President of Base and Range Services.